Celebs Sail with the end of summertime With Bags from Bottega Veneta as well as more

summertime is winding down, as well as it is difficult to believe that September is just one whole day away. August is a sluggish month for many industries, as well as it seems that is likewise true for our preferred celebs. These last few weeks, many of our preferred celeb bag regulars have been laying quite low, however as the month winds down, we’re seeing a slight uptick in motion as back-to-school season is upon us as well as fashion month looms in the distance.

Without further ado, let’s see what stars were spotting toting around town last week.

The Celebs

First up, we’re back on the set of as well as just like That, where we spotted Cynthia Nixon’s character, Miranda, with her reliable Loewe Balloon Bag.

Cynthia Nixon

Loewe Balloon Bag

Next up, we’re heading across the pond to London, where we spotted the multi-talented Dua Lipa buying on famed Bond Street. The singer paired a rich Bottega Veneta shoulder pouch with sky-high boots.

Dua Lipa

Bottega Veneta shoulder pouch

Bopping over to Venice, Italy, we’re inspecting in with Jennifer Hudson, who went to a star-studded event held by Dolce & Gabanna. The singer/actress was seen with the biggest commitment shoulder bag we’ve ever seen. like it or leave it?

Jennifer Hudson
Venice, Italy

Dolce & Gabbana commitment Quilted shoulder Bag

Lily Allen looked effortlessly smooth in London, where she accessorized an abstract-printed cardigan with a Chanel mini bag on her method to work. The singer is performing in a movie theater show called 2:22: A Ghost Story.

Lily Allen

Chanel mini Bag

It’s difficult to believe that Johnny Depp’s child is old sufficient to stroll the city streets alone, however sure enough, she is. Lily was seen bring a vintage Prada Flap bag which she paired with stylish cat-eye sun glasses for an effortless however incredibly stylish look.

Lily increased Depp
न्यू योर्क शहर

Prada Tessuto shoulder Bag

Meanwhile, Mila Kunis was seen in Midtown Manhattan filming her new movie, The Luckiest woman Alive. Kunis’ character was seen strolling the streets with a traditional Goyard Saint Louis carry over her shoulder.

Mila Kunis
न्यू योर्क शहर

Goyard Saint Louis carry

Sarah Jessica Parker was likewise spotted on set in new York, bring yet one more extremely covetable bag. this time around she was spotted with the most iconic Fendi Baguette of them all, the Purple sequined Baguette. seeing as her original one got stolen back in 2000, we’re positive this is meant to be the reissue.

Sarah Jessica Parker
न्यू योर्क शहर

Fendi Baguette

Lastly, paps spotted Sofia Richie masked up in Los Angeles. Richie was seen using an effortless attire of black denim as well as a white tee, however her traditional Kelly as well as Givenchy slides elevated the look. TikTok just recently told me that elevated fundamentals are in for fall, as well as this look is the perfect example.

सोफिसिया Resie
लस एन्जलस

Hermès Kelly